Murray with Ruth
Murray with Ruth

Murray MacAdam is a writer, teacher, father, Christian, vegetarian, and social activist. He lives in Peterborough, Ontario, with his wife Ruth and daughter Rosemary. He has written or co-authored seven books: Making Waves, on the Grindstone Island social change education centre; From Corporate Greed to Common Good, on community economic development; three books on poverty in Ontario: Lives in the Balance, Lives Still in the Balance, and Overcoming Ontario's Poverty Pandemic; an anthology on First Nations issues, with John Bird and Lorraine Land, Nation to Nation: Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Future of Canada; and his memoir, Catch A Fire.  

Murray has taught memoir classes since 2016, both in person and online to students in Ontario, Quebec and California. He also works to help students complete their memoirs.

During his career Murray has worked for many church and faith-based organizations, including the United Church of Canada, the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, and Citizens for Public Justice. Murray hails from Nova Scotia and has an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario.

In his spare time Murray enjoys life outdoors, yoga, cycling, gardening and music.